The gaming industry today is on a rise and the popularity seems to be getting wider with the introduction of the various games into the market. Each of these games is more complicated than the previous and hence more exciting. For example the game of Tower Defense is more of what strategy you use to protect your base. The more modern and latest variety provide you with the best gaming experiences that you can ever think of. Today there are many advancements made to the previous versions have made the Bloons Tower Defense 5 games one of the most strategic of games. The history of the tower games dates back to the early part of the 1990s when it was first released. Since then a variety of tower games have been introduced and players are really attracted to the games especially now as they have a wide choice.

The origin of the Tower Defense Game can be found in the old strategic games called ‘The Rampart”. The guarding of the castle, with cannons used for fighting, makes up the entire process of playing the game. The game also requires you to make the repairs to the damaged parts of the castle which is also included as part of the game strategy. The repairs to the damages that the castle suffers in the course of the game, needs to done as you play the games. You should be quick and alert to the attacks as well as be aware of the damages and take note of it. The degree of concentration, control and alertness can bring variations in the result of the game and hence the players need to be highly vigilant. The strategy of the game is dependent on the choice you make regarding the towers and the positioning of the towers and your units which you control.

The Bloons Tower Defense is a form of tower defense games in which the player needs to defend the tower and the base. The game branded by Bloons has now got many versions starting from one to the latest five. The producer of the Bloons brand of defense games is produced by Mochi Media. It started out as a game that can be played online on any browser; though today it has advanced so much that it is now available on the Iphone and is an application on it. The game is more a balloon game and using different kinds of weapons, the balloons are burst before they can end the game. Some of the weapons used include monkeys, darts, cannons, tack towers and many other weapons to reach the exit point.

Always innovating to introduce new games that are more complex and thrilling the enthusiasts are on the look out for the latest version which is the Bloons Tower Defense 5 Game. The company plans to release it sometime in the year 2011. The latest till date is the Bloons TD 4 which is extremely popular among the fans of the game.

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