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All about the Bloons Tower Defense

There are many different kinds of tower defense games and a very large population of players is really attracted to these games. The main reason is that there is a healthy combination of fun, strategy and alertness in the games. This makes the player come alive mentally when plying the game. One of the most popular is the Tower Defense Game which has captivated the players’ imagination. The gaming industry is greatly facilitated and enriched by the introduction of the Bloons Tower Defense games which is available in a series of four games in which the fourth is the latest and has been raised above the others in popularity. Following the success of all the tower defense games there has been a surge in the different kinds of games in this genre. There are many different types of the Bloons tower defense games that can be found on the free gaming websites on the internet. Bloons tower defense games are highly addictive as it is very exciting and thrilling. You need to keep a tight watch over the duration of time you spend on it and exercise control on your playing time. (continue reading…)

Know More about the Tower Defense Games

The gaming industry today is on a rise and the popularity seems to be getting wider with the introduction of the various games into the market. Each of these games is more complicated than the previous and hence more exciting. For example the game of Tower Defense is more of what strategy you use to protect your base. The more modern and latest variety provide you with the best gaming experiences that you can ever think of. Today there are many advancements made to the previous versions have made the Bloons Tower Defense 5 games one of the most strategic of games. The history of the tower games dates back to the early part of the 1990s when it was first released. Since then a variety of tower games have been introduced and players are really attracted to the games especially now as they have a wide choice. (continue reading…)

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