Callaway Golf Clubs
Callaway Golf is one of the largest makers of golf clubs in the world and is based in America. It’s been making golf clubs since the 1980’s when it burst on the scene with it’s revolutionary Big Bertha Irons and Drivers. In recent times Callaway has diversified from just game improvement clubs (Big Bertha) to include both players clubs (X-series) and new technology clubs (Fusion) to help broaden its appeal. On Tour many players such as Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Stuart Appleby and recent US Open winner Graeme McDowall play Callaways.

Callaway Fusion Golf Clubs
Fusion technology is the name Callaway gives to its latest multi-material golf club creations. Modern materials like added to improve forgiveness and reduce vibration on off-centre hits. Expect to pay a premium on the Callaway Fusion Clubs as you’ll be paying for the latest space-age materials, manufacturing and marketing.

Callaway X Series Golf Clubs
The Callaway X-series clubs are players clubs. They’re aimed at tour players, low handicappers and aspiring mid-handicappers looking for feel and performance. X-series come in three flavours: Irons, Tour Irons and Forged Irons. The Irons are suited to mid- to low-handicappers; Tour Irons to low-handicappers and Tour Players; and Forged Irons to confident ball strikers with good club head speed.

Callaway Big Bertha Golf Clubs
If you’ve played any golf at all you’ll most likely have heard of Callaway Big Bertha clubs. They came to prominence in the early 1990s when they put Callaway firmly on the golfing map. With the Big Bertha range Callaway introduced large stainless steel clubheads which offered a potent combination of power and forgiveness. Which unsurprisingly proved irresistable to amateur and professional golfers alike. Every couple of years Callaway improves its Big Bertha range.

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