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Sony Dual Shock 3 Controller for PlayStation 3

The controller that you get with Playstation 3 is great but there are better controllers out there. You should always look for other alternatives as the controller you have could break or you might need additional controllers in case your friends are coming over. Sony’s Dual Shock 3 Controller is one of the best controllers currently available in the market. This controller also has the rumble feature which curiously was not available in PlayStation 3 pad. This game controller has the rumble feature with is perhaps the best feature. Not all the game support this rumble feature, if you want to check if some game has the rumble feature or not just go to Sony’s PlayStation Network which is free and check there if the game supports rumble or not. PlayStation network also has patches to fix and upgrade the older games to support the rumble feature.

This rumble feature works with PlayStation 2 games also as long as you play them in PlayStation 3 console. The rumble of the controller varies from game to game and in some of the games you can also adjust the rumble feature. There are minor changes in the overall setup of the buttons on the controller, the R2 and L2 buttons are more like trigger right now. Even though the vibrations of this controller are not as heavy as that of Logitec controller, it is not bad and the overall feel of the controller is quite good.

Dual Shock 3 is without doubt one of the best PlayStation controller out in the market. It has great quality and built and is durable. It is way better than the stock controller you get with PlayStation 3. Buy it if you already haven’t.

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9lives, largest online gaming community in Belgium

Let me introduce you to 9lives, which is Belgiums largest gaming website and gaming community. On 9lives we offer you daily the hottest game news, game reviews, previews and specials for all the major gaming platforms like Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Furthermore 9lives has the largest gaming community where you can find tips and tricks for games for Nintendo Wii, pc, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Besides game reviews, previews and game news 9lives offers gamers also the latest gaming trailers, hottest game screens and more exclusive gaming content. All this makes 9lives the one and only gaming website in Belgium. 9lives is the online home of the Belgian gamers where gamers go to look for gaming information brought to them by true gamers.

9lives gaming forums are divided in different gaming sub forums and also in gaming genres. You can find information on every major gaming platform like Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, pc, Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable (PSP) or also for first person shooters, real time strategy, mmorpg, rpg, retro games, sports gaming titles and other major game genres.

9lives also offers a large amount of game trailers, game screenshots, game related polls, game downloads, game releases, information on game publishers and last but not least we still offer information on Sony Playstation 2.

After reading all this we can conclude that 9lives is the most complete multi platform gaming website for gamers.

Author’s website offer you daily the hottest game news, game reviews, previews and specials for all the major gaming platforms like Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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