Online communities and social networking are very popular and almost necessary these days if you want your product to be successful. Belgiums number one multiplatform gaming website which covers game news, game reviews, previews, specials, game trailers and screenshots for every major gaming platform like Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 (and Playstation 2) and last but not least pc has a Facebook fanpage which counts almost 11.000 fans this day.

Through this Facebook group can do extra promotions for his game reviews, previews, game trailers, special actions, contests, etc… Furthermore this is a handy tool for to contact fans who for whatever reason have no time to surf to Through this Facebook fanpage can offer its fans special actions, game rewards and special invites for game betas. It creates an extra bond between and his fans.

It is also a handy tool for to expand their reach outside the Belgian borders and to reach for new visitors throughout the world. Not everyone who is on Facebook knows but by its presence on Facebook, lets the world know that exists, that is available online and by doing so gives gamers worldwide the opportunity to discover and the gaming content that has to offer to gamers.

Author’s website offer you daily the hottest game news, game reviews, previews and specials for all the major gaming platforms like Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.