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  1. NSS Building Junction, High School Road
  2. Sree Kurumbakavu
  3. Chittadi Kulam
  4. Ashoka Pillar and premises
  5. Aaraam Padam
  6. Fire & Rescue Centre Tattamangalam

  7. Updated on 6th Aug. 2020
  8. Tattamangalam Kizhakke Gramam & Perum Kulam
  9. Tattamangalam Kizhakke Gramam Aalthara Ganapathy
  10. Tattamangalam Mannathu kavu & Indira Gandhi Statue
  11. Tattamangalam Sealy Memorial High School
  12. Tattamangalam Kakkurussi Appan Temple

  13. Updated on 13th Aug. 2020
  14. Santhi Hospital, Near KSRTC Depot, Tattamangalam
  15. Near Vellimuttath Illam, Sree Kurumbakavu
  16. Near Tattamangalam Bridge, KSRTC Junction - Puzhapalam
  17. Near KSRTC Junction - Puzhapalam
  18. Taxi Stand - High School Road - near old Catholic Syrian Bank
  19. KVS Building, Prince Brothers' Studio & Steps Footwear Store

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